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We were shocked to discover that the air inside our homes was likely more polluted than outdoor air

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Natural Wonders

We believe natural is better. That’s why we created our products with safe and proven purification technology. You can see, taste—even smell—the difference.

Activated Carbon

A natural element, carbon is porous and acts like a giant sponge to completely—and quickly—absorb and remove odors.


One of the highest grades on the market, our True HEPA Filter traps 99.97% of problem air particles - even those as small as 0.3 microns. The Carbon Pre-Filter also helps capture dust and dander first, so your HEPA lasts longer.

100% Pure Scents

The days of artificial fragrance have come and gone. Our plant-based 100% Pure Essential Oils are created with no synthetics, chemicals or fillers.

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See What Pure Company Customers are Saying

Pretty and Powerful

"I couldn’t believe an air purifier this beautiful would work as well as the loud and ugly ones I've had in the past.  With products designed by women, this was a company I wanted to support."

Caitlin, Texas

Dander be Gone

“I have a cat and a dog, and pet dander drives my sinuses crazy. After using the Large Room Air Purifier, I feel noticeably better and my apartment smells amazing. 

Elizabeth, Maryland

Kitchen Must-Have

"I keep the Portable Air Purifier on my kitchen counter when I'm cooking. It gets rid of food smells and the aromatherapy function has replaced my kitchen candle.  Love the simple design too.”

Beth, Missouri

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