10 Things to Love About The Pure Company

1. How can home technology improve? Simple: ask your customers what they’d do to make it better.

2. Clean might technically imply an absence of scent, but we’re human; we like it when things have a pleasant (and safe!) scent too!

3. We came together as parents, friends, pet lovers, health enthusiasts, travelers, allergy-sufferers, and (most importantly) experts in the healthy home industry to bring this company to life.

4. If we wouldn’t put it in our own personal homes, then it doesn’t make it to market.

5. We’re obsessed with details. Obsessed.

6. We’re total believers that customer service is as every bit important as the actual product you’re buying.

7. As eternal optimists, we’re always convinced there’s a way to make something better.

8. In addition to a product passing muster internally, we also focus group the heck out of it to make sure we get a wide swath of candid opinions (and to make sure we’re on the mark).

9. We geek out over things like packaging materials and quick start guides.

10. We love collaboration. No seriously -- we’d love to hear from you if you have an idea, suggestion, rant or effusive compliment!

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