Our Origin Story: The Pure Company

Somewhere along the road to progress, innovation started hanging out with the wrong people. “Making things work” became buddy-buddy with “making things more complicated.” We like technology as much as the next 21st century person, but when we looked around our homes, we saw too many products that made outrageous claims, cluttered our lives, and made more demands on our time, not less.

This is where we saw an opportunity: because when we couldn't find what we wanted, we decided to make it ourselves. 

We’re so excited to introduce The Pure Company – healthy products, designed by women to fit perfectly in your life and home; products that extend beyond function to incorporate customizable style and natural, chemical free scents to suit your every mood. 

Who Inspires Us

We were inspired by you – the woman who values a lovely, healthy home without all the fuss. We were also inspired by the problems we’ve experienced with products that just don’t function how we needed them to, much less coordinate with our décor.

As we began developing our product collection, we kept design and functionality at the forefront of our minds. If we didn’t like it, then why on earth would you? If it seemed complicated, we tossed the idea and started again.

You've repeatedly told us that you're a busy person with lots on her plate, so the last thing you need is something else to take care of in your home. This is why streamlining and simplifying our products was so important to us: we wanted you to be able to check one more thing off your to-do list!

Behind the Design

Sometimes, choosing form over function is a no-brainer (hello: you should see the shoes in our closets). But’s there's more at stake when it comes to choices that can affect your family’s well-being. The Pure Company applies the same scrutiny to the details that go on the outside of our products as we do to the ones on the inside. Simply put, we share your design-obsessed eye, and we don’t think you should have to give up that joy to make your home a healthier, happier place.

Every product’s external design was created to work within your home’s existing aesthetic. We wanted each product to look like an accessory in your space and flow with the environment you’ve created. Our designers, Jamie and Deborah, worked to make sure each product and its corresponding wrap was crafted to be beautiful enough to earn a front-and-center space in your home.

We continue to be blown away by their designs and have enjoyed multiple sneak peeks throughout their production. Truthfully, it’s been hard to keep them a secret and we’re relieved we can finally begin sharing them with you!

Inspire Together

Just as we hope to inspire you with healthy lifestyle products, you have truly been who inspires us! As we learn and grow as a company, we’ll be looking to you for inspiration, honest feedback and new ideas. Fresh thinking is always welcome! We’ll be launching more products throughout the year, so stay tuned -- this is about to get really fun.



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