Why We're Obsessed with Diffusing Natural Scents

aromatherapy diffuser

During the initial brainstorming sesh of what our Aromatherapy Diffuser would look like and what our essential oils would be, we had no idea how particular people were about them. But it didn’t take long to figure out why, because now we’re equally obsessed. We’re diffusing 100% pure essential oils in literally every space we have. Here’s why we love them so much:

Essential Oils Make Every Space a Haven

When you get home from work and just want to chill, it’s easy to pop in your favorite essential oil and let your diffuser just do its thing. You don’t have to worry about chemicals and every single room can smell like your own private sanctuary. Sit back with a glass of wine, snuggle your fur baby and inhale.

You Can Mix + Match

While we have our own signature blends created by a master distiller in Oregon (which, by the way, smell amazing!) you can also create your own. Mixing single scents to diffuse can be lots of fun. Try to come up with your own essential oil recipes to make again and again. Through tons of trial and error, we found the perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils to share with you, but let’s be honest- it was so hard to pick our favorites!

Forget the Bug Swatter

Bugs are such a necessary part of our ecosystem, but who really wants them inside their home? We certainly don’t! When you throw open the windows to get some fresh air, diffusing certain scents can actually repel insects. They’ll naturally be grossed out by the smell and buzz away, meaning you can chill out and put down the bug swatter.

Essential Oils Can Improve Your Mood

Certain scents can take us back to a memory and awaken a feeling. Essential oils often evoke a feeling within us that completely changes our mood. For example, a fresh lemon and lavender scent might bring about a strong, happy memory of being in your mom’s clean kitchen. Smelling eucalyptus might make you feel like you’re in a spa.

It’s not an exact science, but 100% pure essential oils can certainly change our mood when diffused throughout our home.

Must-Have Home Accessory

When we started researching aromatherapy diffusers, we quickly became big fans of this little machine. It truly is the must-have home accessory of the decade.

Not that all diffusers are created equal: we certainly came across some dull, clunky ones during our research. So right then and there, we vowed to make ours simple and lovely, while still doing all it needed to do. And voilá! The Pure Company’s Diffuser was born (and we love it)!

Join Our Obsession

If you haven’t made the switch from chemical scents to natural scents, now is absolutely the time. We’re pretty sure you’ll be just as obsessed as we are with 100% pure essential oils! Shop around our website and take a look at our oil offerings. Tell us your favorite blends and what you love most about diffusing oils!


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