Essential Oil Glossary

If you’ve poked your head onto the internet for more than a minute, chances are you came across something to do with essential oils. Whether it’s a recipe blend to diffuse or a new fragrance being launched, they’re everywhere and we love them because they conquer funky smells and make life feel fresh.

Our essential oil collection is 100% pure and sourced from hand-selected farms and nurseries around the world.  We receive a lot of questions about how to diffuse our oils, so we thought we’d share an essential oil glossary of every ingredient you’ll find in our signature blends or stand-alone oils. Make a wish list- you’re going to want all of these!



Fragrance Notes: Sweet + spicy with light citrus scent
Benefits: Bergamot oil is known to build confidence, enhance your mood + relieve stress.
Grab This to Diffuse If:  You’re feeling iffy + unsure or you just need some positive vibes for the day (Hello – we all need those)
Origin: Initially gained popularity in Italy, but also has roots in Southeast Asia



Fragrance Notes: Woodsy scent
Benefits: The scent of Cedarwood oil may help you relax and potentially ward off bugs when diffused. Consider diffusing in your home office or bedroom.  
Grab This to Diffuse If:  You’re stressed and/or mosquitos won’t stop hitting on you.
Origin: Used by ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, Cedarwood is believed to be one of the first oils diffused by man



Fragrance Notes: Depending on the oil, cinnamon can vary from musky and spicy to a perfume-like smell.
Benefits: Cinnamon can clear odors and provide a grounding feeling when diffused. This oil is a popular choice during the fall and winter months as its commonly associated with warmth + harvests.
Grab This to Diffuse If: It’s March but you still miss the holidays or you want your home to smell like cookies (but without any baking involved)
Origin: South Asia


Clove Bud

Fragrance Notes: Spicy + earthy
Benefits: The smell of Clove Bud oil might help relieve nausea and can clear the air of odors due to its aromatic compounds.
Grab This to Diffuse If: Your stomach’s feeling a bit flippy or the fish smell from Tuesday’s dinner refuses to die
Origin: Indonesia, Madagascar, Tanzania



Fragrance Notes: Minty with a touch of pine
Benefits: Eucalyptus is great for boosting energy and clearing the mind. If you close your eyes and sniff, you’ll power right through that report that’s due this Friday.
Grab This to Diffuse If: You want that minty, spa feel (sans awkwardness + $$$$)
Origin: Australia + Tasmania



Fragrance Notes: Citrus-y and slightly bitter
Benefits: Grapefruit oil is uplifting, soothing, + can provide mental clarity.
Grab This to Diffuse If: You’d rather be walking through Italian citrus groves than sitting in your office.
Origin: Barbados



Fragrance Notes: Floral and perfume-like
Benefits: Lavender’s great right before bed or when you need to relax, making it a no-brainer for nurseries, bedrooms + that impromptu meditation sesh.
Grab This to Diffuse If: Your anxiety level is higher than normal, or you feel like tonight’s a night you might end up staring at the ceiling for 4 hours trying to catch some Zzzzzz.
Origin:  Mediterranean, Middle East + India



Fragrance Notes: Citrusy
Benefits: Lemon oil is great for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms for a clean, fresh scent even your grandma would be proud of.
Grab This to Diffuse If: You’re feeling blah, dull, grumpy or foggy-minded (also known as every Monday morning)
Origin: Asia
Discover: Lemon Essential Oil



Fragrance Notes: Lemon smell with earthy undertones
Benefits: Lemongrass oil is diffused to freshen the air and repel bugs. It’s also thought to relieve anxiety, irritability + insomnia.
Grab This to Diffuse If: The kids (and/or you) are bouncing off the walls
Origin: India, Southeast Asia + Oceania


Fragrance Notes: Minty with herbal undertones
Benefits: Noted to be energizing, Peppermint is also synonymous with seasonal allergy relief, being a huge un-favorite of bugs. Popular go-to during the holidays to invoke a crisp, winter-y feel.
Grab This to Diffuse If: It’s November 1st and you’re already putting up a tree, or your mind is overwhelmed about this weekend’s dinner party you volunteered to host.
Origin: Mediterranean, Europe, and North America



Fragrance Notes: Woodsy with evergreen notes
Benefits: Rosemary oil is lovely for jogging your memory, invigorating the senses, and purifying a space.
Grab This to Diffuse If: Your kitchen is haunted by last night’s veggie stir fry and your in-laws are popping by any moment
Origin: Mediterranean


Fragrance Notes: Minty and sweet
Benefits: Spearmint can help uplift and cleanse while also promoting a sense of focus.
Grab This to Diffuse If: You’ve got a Big Thing coming up (exam, presentation, dance-off) that demands you be on your toes
Origin: Europe and Asia


Sweet Orange

Fragrance Notes: Citrus-y and sugary
Benefits: Orange Oil can boost your mood while also alleviating stress. This oil is great for common spaces like a living room or kitchen.
Grab This to Diffuse If: You’ve got to clean your kitchen (but you also feel like dancing)
Origin: Thought to have originated from southern China and India


Tea Tree

Fragrance Notes: Earthy with medicinal and eucalyptus undertones
Benefits: Tea Tree oil can help cleanse the air, refresh creativity and invoke a feeling of security. Great for places that need to be cleansed of unpleasant smells (i.e. your bathroom or where your pets hang out)
Grab This to Diffuse If: You’re having writer’s block, or you can smell your dog even when he’s in another room
Origin: Australia


Selecting the Right Oil for You

Everyone has their favorite scents but we recommend diffusing a variety of pure essential oils to determine new blends that you’d like to create in your space. We’ve carefully tested and selected every oil we offer to make sure it meets the highest industry standards. If there’s an oil you’d love to see us offer, or have a combination you love diffusing in your home, leave us a comment on this blog!




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