Infusing Hygge into Your Home

Toward the middle of winter when the merriment of the holidays is over, and an icky wintery mix is falling outside, we begin to remember why summer nights are magical and just how lovely a glass of sangria can be. We call this period “cabin fever.” Surprisingly, we’ve been able to find a bit of cozy magic mixed in with all the cold weather. The Danish call it “Hygge,” and we think you’ll love it.

What’s Hygge?

Only the Danish are really sure of how its pronounced, but it sounds like “hew-guh” and it means “coziness.” For many, hygge is a style of décor that's aesthetically pleasing and evokes a warm, happy feeling. Think about soft blankets, twinkle lights, and a warm fireplace. For others, hygge extends into their lifestyles and even health.

You can bring hygge into your home through things that are both lovely to the senses and built for function. When we were designing our air and water purifiers, our goal was to accomplish both. They work as a quiet accessory in any room.

Bringing Hygge into the Home

Our Large Room Air Purifier is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and large living areas. When we think about how it fits into spaces like that, we picture it in a great room or next to a cozy bed quietly cleaning the air of smoke or odors while you relax, curled up with a good book. It’s a statement piece in these spaces and a lovely way to marry hygge and healthy together.

Warm coffee and tea (and the comforting feeling it brings us) are also part of hygge. For the perfect brew, use our Carbon Filter Water Decanter to filter out impurities in your water before you put the kettle on or fire up your coffee maker. Filtered water improves the taste and removes potential toxins like dirt or even lead.

100% Pure Essential Oils added to our Aromatherapy Diffuser, Portable Air Purifier, or Large Room Air Purifier create a sense of calm and happy. For example, Lavender Essential Oil creates a spa-like environment while our signature blend Fresh infuses happiness into your space (even if it's the dead of winter).

However you choose to bring hygge into your home and lifestyle, we hope it gets you through the cold, wintery days.

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