Five Questions with The Pure Company's Jamie Ley

Meet The Pure Company’s Interior Designer Jamie Ley. Dallas-born and raised, Jamie graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in international marketing before earning a second degree in interior design. She started her own design firm in 2007 and has been transforming homes ever since. She’s also the brains behind our Designer Wraps.

For Pure Company Interior Designer Jamie Ley, her surroundings can directly influence the levels of peace and calm she experiences on any given day. Questions like whether you’re comfortable or can easily concentrate often depend on the environment around you. Is your immediate space serene? Fun? The bright spot in an otherwise gray corridor? Does a room’s color make you anxious or restless? Do too many patterns come across as whimsical or distracting? It’s different for everyone – but having the ability to customize your surroundings is an instrumental step in creating an atmosphere that best fuels your energies.

What color or pattern trend are you so over? Which one do you hope is on its way out…and on its way in?

For interior paint, I’d love to see another great neutral for the walls other than gray or white. Bold colors seem to be making a comeback so you should feel inspired to get out there and have some fun! For exteriors I like the idea of a fresh take on a classic Colonial or Tudor instead of the more traditional white with black windows. Some patterns always stay in style but Ikat’s been popular for so long now it might want to take a break. (I do hope it pops up again later though!)

Person whose personal design style isn’t necessarily perfect or expert, but you love it anyway?

Elle magazine’s editor in chief Nina Garcia has great style. She’s an expert in the clothing world but I’d imagine that translates to her home as well. I’d love to visit with her and see if she loves to decorate her home too!

What three home trends do you feel like are right around the corner?

It’s always hard to predict exactly what’ll be in the cards next, but I think a trend toward softer, warmer colors for interior walls and more cozy furniture. Brass everything is here to stay for a while, but colored lights and plumbing fixtures could bring a nice change from metal tones. Bold rug designs and colors will liven up your space.

What’s the most un-Jamie piece you’ve purchased recently…and what makes it work?

Probably a vintage yellow coffee table is the most unusual piece of furniture I’ve purchased lately. It’s bright, but paired with the right pieces, it's the star of the room.

#1 travel destination on your bucket list:

Bring me a beach! It’s always my go-to for a great vacation, so I’m planning on going to Positano, Italy at some point. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later!




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