The Natural Route

charcoal in its natural form

As a team of tech-savvy women, it seems like there’s been a non-stop cavalcade of buzzy new technology that keeps emerging in the air and water purification space. But what we discovered was a lot of complicated, dry, science-speak that rarely, if ever, answered our questions or proved that product was the best on the market.

We had a sneaking suspicion that the industry might be over-complicating things a bit, and maybe in their bid to come up with something new, they forgot about the tried and true methods of yore. We say “yore” because some of the key elements in Pure Company products have been around – and known to work – for thousands of years.

Water and Air Purification in Ancient History

Ancient Egyptians and Romans discovered the benefits of filtering with carbon; and as far back as 4500 BC, those same genius Egyptians were creating and using essential oils from plants and flowers to use in aromatherapy applications.

So our question was: what if being advanced didn’t necessarily equate to being better? And what if millennia-old natural remedies still bested a synthetic replication? Because if we’re being honest, defaulting to a natural solution makes us all breathe a collective sigh of relief and sleep a little better at night.

A lot of us grew up before essential oils really took off again, and our parents were big fans of incense (yes), cans of freshener spray, and twist-up gel cones that graced the back of every toilet in the 80s.

Back to Basics for Fragrance

We’re a generation who can identify the smell of artificial freesia more easily than actual freesia. But as the years passed, and we learned more, it started to become clear that maybe spraying chemicals and producing smoky soot that clung to our walls wasn’t the healthiest option.

The answer? Return to nature. Harness the scents of flowers, herbs, barks and rinds, don’t dilute them with fillers or chemicals, and rely on those to leave a subtle, beautiful fragrance that never compromises the air quality of our indoor spaces.

Empty Water Purity Promises

At the same time new technology promised to change our air quality, similar promises from the beverage industry offered bottles of preciously-packaged water from the tip tops of the Alps, collected by a kindly shepherd named Hans, to the tune of about $3 a bottle. Over the years, a few instances of “filtered” water were exposed as nothing more than bottled municipal water.

Carbon granulated filtration also emerged, giving us better water- Albeit with carbon sediment at the bottom of the container and filters that needed changing every 2.3 seconds, depending on whether you have teenage boys living in your household.

Creating the Right Filter

We know water is good for us. But it’s hard to get excited about drinking it-unless it’s really, truly remarkable tasting. And after sampling a lot of different water that had been filtered through various methods, we found one that collectively knocked our socks off. Even the diet soda acolytes were quick to admit that this water tasted different and that it was more thirst-quenching, had zero odor and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste. When we discovered that our carbon filter was also long lasting (how does replacing it once a year sound?) we were totally on board.

We use this same carbon (in a different form) to safely and predictably gets rid of odors in the air. It’s remarkably effective and isn’t sprayed or coated with any magical chemicals. Carbon odor filtration is the best nature has to offer – and it’s been this way for eons. When combined with our True HEPA Filter, it transforms into a genuine star. A True HEPA Filter is a paper-like filter that’s actually made of a fine mesh of randomly-arranged fiberglass that acts like a strainer capable of catching 99.97% of particles in the air.

Purify Your Home Naturally

So if you’re plagued by what you cooked for dinner two days ago and want something healthy and clean to sip throughout the day the scent wafting there’s no need for chemicals or complication. Simple, proven, natural techniques for odor and particulate removal, as well as for scenting your space, are the safest, smartest ways to clean the air in your home.