(We Won!) 2019 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Honoree

When we set out to create The Pure Company, awards and accolades weren’t very high on our to-do list. We were more preoccupied with how we could craft a beautiful, functional product and hone the nuances of that design. So when we entered the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Innovation Awards, we felt it was more of a hopeful hat-toss into the ring. After all, we were a brand new company just beginning to gain traction.

Imagine our surprise when we found out that our Portable Air Purifier  had been named a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree. The CES Innovation Awards - an annual program that celebrates outstanding design - recognizes honorees across 28 product categories. A panel of judges, including designers, engineers and members of the tech media, reviews the submissions based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and how the products compare with competition.

So yes - it’s entirely fair to say there was joyous squealing and impromptu dancing in our office the day we found out we’d been named an Honoree. Because for us, the CES Innovation Awards were always in the back of our hearts and minds as a pie-in-the-sky goal.

When we first began creating our Portable Air Purifier, we knew we wanted a purifier that was as portable as it was powerful, customizable, multi-functional, stylish and fun. And because odor was front-of-mind for so many of the women in our focus groups, we also wanted to design a built-in aromatherapy function in our portable unit to safely scent just-purified air. Unlike chemical sprays and soot-producing candles, using 100% pure essential oils was the safe, natural way to scent a space without compromising air quality.

We’re giddy that we'll be honored alongside our fellow honorees at CES – slated for January 8 – 11, 2019 – which brings together top media, exhibitors and industry leaders for a sneak peek of products and trends for 2019. We are beyond thrilled to kick off the year celebrating this honor at CES, and even more excited to see what’s in store for The Pure Company in 2019.