How Much Water Should You Really be Drinking?

Water: It’s a total necessity for our bodies. Some people can’t leave the house without a tumbler full of it and others down it if it's the only option. Regardless of how much you love it or hate it, the truth is our bodies need it. But how much do they really need and how do we get ourselves to drink it? We have the answers.

What the Doctor Says

We’ve all heard doctors say we should drink around 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day, which equals about a half-gallon. That’s reasonable, right? However, the Mayo Clinic offers a good reminder that we can get some of that water from other sources such as fruits and veggies and even herbal teas. (Woo!)

It’s important to recognize that certain people need more water than others and that’s totally normal. Some factors that influence how much water we should drink include:

  • How much we exercise
  • The climate we’re in
  • Whether we’re sick or not
  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

Ultimately, you’ll know what’s best for you. Be conscious of your environment and how you feel. Check in with yourself often and do a quick wellness quiz. “Do I feel thirsty?” or “Have I been pretty active today?” are both good questions to yourself. If the answer is yes, then grab some water.

Meeting Your Water Needs Stylishly

If keeping tons of plastic water bottles around isn’t your thing, then there’s a better solution for you – a Carbon Filter Water Decanter. We’ve seen tons of water filters that claim to improve odor, clarity and taste, but they often have two problems. First, they won’t fit in your refrigerator without some serious acrobatic maneuvers, and second, they’re just…how to say this nicely…not terribly attractive.

When we were designing our Carbon Filter Water Decanter, we were concerned first and foremost about the filtration system inside, but the design of it had to be equally fantastic. We went through a lot of prototypes and we finally settled on one we loved. It’s sleek, simple, and makes getting your water a little more exciting. If you frequently open your fridge door hoping something new will show up inside, then this is great for you.

All the Carbon Filter Water Decanter Details

The decanter holds about a gallon of water, which is probably more than your daily water intake needs. Simply fill up the top half of the decanter with tap water, and then gravity will pull the water down into the bottom container through the carbon filter. Fill your tumbler with this great tasting water and you’re good to go! We love throwing a few citrus fruit slices into our water bottles, too, to give it some extra flavor.

We’re excited to share these water decanters with you and can’t wait to hear what you think of them!



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