What We’ve Learned About Ionization

portable air purifier on desk

When we began developing the product collection for The Pure Company, one of our first decisions was to design beautiful, functional products that didn’t rely on technologies that were potentially harmful or too complicated to understand. Our thought: you shouldn’t need a refresher in college chemistry to understand how your air purifier works. This is precisely why our Large Room Air Purifier solely relies on proven, safe elements (Activated Carbon and True HEPA filtration) that also produces an incredible result.

In order to make our Portable Air Purifier efficient, especially given its small size (which we consider a big win), we outfitted it with an ionization feature that, when combined with the optional use of 100% Pure Essential Oil, packs that 1-2 punch to get rid of odors in small spaces. So we made sure the ionization feature in our Portable Air Purifier emits less ozone than the emissions limits recommended by the FDA, OSHA and EPA.

As a team, we talked about our collective experiences involving travel and odor. There were tales of funky hotel rooms, drafty rental cottages, holidays at our grandmother’s house (she smoked), and what it’s truly like to share a cramped space with another person (overnight train travel, anyone?)

So we quickly determined that we’d love a way to safely and non-offensively freshen personal spaces while on-the-go. But it had to be easy. And not messy. And small. And TSA-size friendly. While we love the idea of diffusing scents in our home and office, diffusers seemed a bit big to throw in a travel bag. And with their added water component, they’re less than ideal when it comes to portability.

Our dream product was lightweight, beautiful, mess-free, maintenance-free, safe, effective and multi-functional. And that’s how our Portable Air Purifier came to life. So whether you work with someone who loves eating fish and broccoli at their desk, or that seaside room with a view also has a musty odor, our Portable Air Purifier was made for you.

And lots of people on our team – including frequent flyers, new moms, pet owners and weekend adventurers – are big fans of this purifier as well. If it wasn’t effective, beautiful and safe, it wasn’t going in our home or near our families. We were insistent that all of our products meet that standard before they ever have the chance to make their way into your home. That’s how it should be, right?