Custom Blend Oil Set

Our set of 3 custom blend 100% Pure Essential Oils - Clarity, Fresh + Comfort - brings clean, nuanced fragrance into your space safely and naturally, without any synthetics, chemicals or fillers. 

$54.00 $49.00
Essential Oil Set Special

Save $9 with this fall + winter favorite. With cozy Comfort as your base scent, lemon adds add freshness, orange brings sweetness + peppermint brings a zingy burst that's great year-round. 

$48.00 $39.00
Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special

Save $39 on this great gift for a friend, sister, mom or traveler. The unique aromatherapy function allows you to safely scent the air with natural essential oils while cleaning it at the same time. 

$138.00 $89.00
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The Pure Company Complete Collection

Because you want it all. Our premier collection includes 1 Large Room Air Purifier, 1 Water Decanter, 1 carbon block water filter, 1 Portable Air Purifier, 1 Diffuser + a set of our custom oil blends. 

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