The Pure Company was founded with a simple mission.

Don't Take Our Word for It

"Not only are they dedicated in creating clean air products, their determination to keep the design functional while maintaining a tasteful and modern look, is revolutionary."

D Magazine

"Thankfully, healthy home experts... brought together a group of female industry veterans, including designers and product specialists, to envision chicer options."

Dallas Innovates

"The Pure Company wants their customers to know that function and beauty can coexist, so they aim to make every product pleasing and functional to go in any room."

More from the Women of The Pure Company

We’re The Pure Company…and it’s Lovely to Meet You

"When we looked around our homes, we saw too many gizmos and gadgets that made outrageous claims, cluttered our lives, and made more demands on our time, not less."

10 Things to Love About The Pure Company

"We came together as parents, friends, pet lovers, health enthusiasts, travelers, allergy-sufferers, and experts in the healthy home industry to bring this company to life.

Five Questions with The Pure Company's Deborah Jessup

"Deborah's surprising background in designing field equipment for BP led to her passion for designing beautiful and practical products for modern homes."