Products FAQs

Which of your products are covered by a warranty?

All our products come with a 1-year warranty. If you believe your product has a manufacturer’s defect upon receipt, please reach out to our Customer Care team immediately at 800.572.6228 or email

How do I care for my products?

Please visit for manuals, videos and care tips. You may also reach out to our Customer Care team during business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 6:30pm EST at 800.572.6228.

Are The Pure Company products sold in any stores?

At this time, our products are only available online. But if that changes in the future, our Pure Email Subscribers will be the first to know!

Why is the Premium Carbon Water Filter Not Available in California?

At The Pure Company, good, clean, tasting water is our goal, but with all the choices on the market and water quality making headlines, water quality can be confusing and it is always important to stay informed.

What is in my water? Tap water varies from municipality to municipality. Each year the municipality where you live publishes information to let you know what may be in your water. Stay informed! But even if what is in your water is not a concern – we guarantee the water from The Pure Water Decanter and Filter will simply taste better!

What is carbon filtration? Carbon filtration is type of filtration that is effective at improving the taste of tap water and some also reduce a number of other contaminants like lead, mercury, protozoan cysts, chloramines, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceutical compounds, Volatile Organic Compounds and a whole bunch of stuff we can't pronounce! You know what they say, "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat [or drink] it!".

Have the Carbon Block Filters been tested? Our filters have been tested according to industry standards – also known as NSF Standard 53 and NSF Standard 42. However, residents in California should be aware that the State of California requires that devices sold in California which make health-related claims be registered. The Pure Company Decanter and Filter have not yet been registered in California and no claims to remove specific health-related contaminants should be inferred. Just good, clean-tasting water! For residents outside of California, the filter you will receive has been tested to remove over 95% of mercury, lead, chlorine and fluoride in water. Specific filtration capabilities will also accompany your filter.

We hope that clears things up!