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Large Room Air Purifier
Large Room Air Purifier
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Large Room Air Purifier

Regular price $399

With a distinctive new way to achieve fresh, clean air, our Large Room Air Purifier is a whisper-quiet solution for your home’s impurities. First, an odor-killing Activated Carbon Pre-Filter captures pollen, allergens, pet dander and dust. Next, a True HEPA Filter removes invisible pollutants and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. Choose from our 100% Pure Essential Oils to enhance the environment in any room. 

  • Activated Carbon Pre-Filter traps dust and eliminates odors
  • True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of air particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • CADR of 205
  • 360-degree filter design cleans large rooms from every direction
  • Six cleaning timer settings have auto shut-off at end of cycle
  • Auto clean mode adjusts fan speed automatically based on the laser PM2.5 air quality sensor
  • 24/7 color-changing light feature indicates air quality cleaning levels
  • Whisper-quiet fan offers four manual speed settings, including light- and noise-reduced Sleep Mode
  • Includes auto-alert for True HEPA Filter replacement
  • Mess-free aromatherapy port feature for use with our 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Size: 10.8" D x 24.2" H
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • CADR: 205
  • Room size: 750 square feet at 2 air exchanges per hour
  • Color: Marshmallow

Purely Natural Design

Powerful Purification That Suits Your Style

It's what homes with kids, pet parents, sensitive noses and the allergy-inclined need most

Even your largest room will stay fresh and clean. Our air purifier constantly monitors and adjusts its performance, with a CADR of 205 for spaces up to 750 square feet. The light ring changes colors to instantly indicate air quality.

One of the highest grades on the market, our True HEPA Filter traps 99.97% of problem air particles as small as 0.3 microns—including pollen, allergens, pet dander, bacteria and dust. An Activated Carbon Pre-Filter catches the big remnants first, so you replace your HEPA less often.

You’ll get powerful, 360-degree purification wherever you place your air purifier. In Sleep Mode, operation's as soft as a whisper.

Industrial Designer Deborah Jessup Believes in Technology that is Functional + Beautiful

"An air purifier shouldn’t need a owner’s manual. That’s why I designed the Large Room Air Purifier to be both stylish and incredibly simple to use."

Clean Air + Uncommon Scents

Combine the 100% Pure Essential Oil of your choice with our custom aromatherapy feature

Natural Just Smells Better

Handcrafted in Oregon, our plant-based 100% Pure Essential Oils are created without synthetics, chemicals or fillers.


We Collaborated with Interior Designer Jamie Ley on Our Collection of Designer Wraps


Clean Filter = Clean Air

Change your True HEPA Filter every six months and your Carbon Pre-Filter every 30 days for optimum product performance and health.


Filter Subscription = One Less Worry

Get new filters delivered to your door every six months. Cancel anytime.


Customers Who Love It

The Art of Cleanliness

"As an artist, I’m constantly surrounded by the smell of paint fumes. This air purifier has done wonders to freshen my studio, and a quick change of aromatherapy scents instantly lifts my spirits."

Pam, Montana

Home Sweet (Smelling) Home

"We use our family room for everything—homework, eating and watching TV—and it has all the odors to prove it! Now the room smells great, and the whole family loves to see the light ring in action as it freshens up our air.”

Jayne, Kansas