Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special
Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special
Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special
Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special
Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special

Portable Air Purifier + Essential Oil Set Special

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Save $39! Perfect for the best friend, sister, mom or avid traveler in your life, our Portable Air Purifier’s aromatherapy function makes it possible to scent the air in your space with safe, natural essential oils while cleaning it at the same time. This little collection is our favorite for creating cozy winter days!

 Portable Air Purifier

  • 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award Honoree
  • Filter-less ionization helps clean air to eliminate odors, allergies and pollution      
  • Ideal for hotel rooms, bathrooms, offices, and laundry rooms     
  • Lightweight, super-quiet design needs no tools, maintenance or filters     
  • One button on/off operation
  • No-mess Aromatherapy Pad compatible with our collection of 100% Pure Essential Oils      
  • Drawstring carrying bag included     
  • Personalize with our patterned Designer Wraps

Essential Oil Set

  • Comfort
    Warm + cozy
    Ingredients: Clove bud, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender + cedarwood
  • Peppermint
    Cool + wintry
    Ingredients: 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Sweet Orange
    Uplifting+ joyous
    Ingredients: 100% Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Lemon
    Invigorating + clean
    Ingredients: 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil
  • Size: 5" D x 2.5" H
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs
  • Noise level: <30dB
  • Color: Marshmallow

Powerful, Natural + Beautiful

We took inspiration from nature to create purification on-the-go

Thunderstorms and waterfalls naturally infuse negative ions into the air, purifying it in the process. Our purifier uses negative ion technology to say so long to mold spores, bacteria and problem particles in the air that can make you sick. Plus, you’ll never need to replace the filter.

Scent your space easily—and safely—with our water-free, no-mess aromatherapy feature. Our plant-based 100% Pure Essential Oils are always chemical-and filler-free.

You’ll get fast, powerful purification with one whisper-quiet setting that can double as white noise to help you slumber. At less than a pound, your Portable Air Purifier fits easily in any tote or handbag.

Warm, cozy scents for every season

Infuse every space with the sweet scents that make winter magical

100% Pure Scents

Handcrafted in Oregon, our set of plant-based 100% Pure Essential Oils helps set the mood.


Customers Who Love It

One Sweet Getaway

"I love vacationing at the beach, but hotels on the coast can really smell musty. This year, I brought along my Portable Air Purifier to instantly eliminate odors. The essential oils made it smell just like home!”

Cristin, Texas

Perfect in the Powder Room

"Everyone’s bathroom can be less-than-fragrant at times, but my Portable Air Purifier solved that problem. Plus, with the Designer Wraps, I’ll be able to change the look  my space whenever I paint or add wallpaper.“

Liz, Wisconsin