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Pure Starter Collection

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Our Pure Starter Collection is everything you need to make your space feel clean and fresh while also giving a nod to your sense of style. Our Large Room Air Purifier helps remove odors and particles from the air, and gives you the option to safely scent your now-clean air with the natural scent of our 100% Pure Essential Oil Custom Blend Set. You’ll also get a 6-month supply of our Aromatherapy Pad refills, too.

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 Essential Oil Blends

  • Exclusive 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends  
  • Not diluted with base oils or fillers   
  • Spark — Vivid + clean
    Ingredients: Lavender, mandarin, lemon + bois de rose 
  • Fresh — Uplifting + bright
    Ingredients: Rosemary, lemon, bergamot + peppermint
  • Clarity — Focus + invigoration
    Ingredients: Lemongrass, rosemary, spearmint + grapefruit

Large Room Air Purifier

  • Activated  Carbon Pre-Filter traps dust + eliminates odors
  • True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of air particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 205
  • 360-degree filter design cleans large rooms from every direction
  • 6 cleaning timer settings 
  • Auto shut-off 
  • Auto clean mode adjusts fan speed automatically based on the air quality sensor
  • 24/7 color-changing light indicates air quality cleaning levels
  • Whisper-quiet fan offers 4 manual speed settings, including light- and noise-reduced Sleep Mode
  • Includes auto-alert for True HEPA Filter replacement 
  • Mess-free Aromatherapy Pad included for use with our 100% Pure Essential Oils 

Aromatherapy Pads   

  • Specially sized and designed for use with The Pure Company's Large Room Air Purifier
  • Made of all-natural plant fibers
  • Recommend changing the Aromatherapy Pad when switching essential oil scents

Essential Oil

  • Size: 10mL / .33 fl oz

Large Room Air Purifier

  • Size: 10.8" D x 24.2" H
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • CADR: 205
  • Room size: 750 square feet at 2 air exchanges per hour
  • Color: Marshmallow

Aromatherapy Pad

  • Size: 2.5" L x 1.25" W
  • Quantity: 6 pads per pack
Pure Starter Collection
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