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Signature Carbon Filter


Time for a water filter upgrade? Our Water Decanter relies on our all-natural Signature Carbon Filter to expertly remove up to 99% of most impurities from tap water at a faster flow rate than ever before. The only thing left behind are the beneficial minerals you need and the clear, tasty water you want.

Size Guide
  •  High capacity, high flow Signature Carbon Water Filter   
  •  Specifically designed for municipal water sources 
  •  Improves the taste of your water, removes odors + increases clarity  
  •  Signature Carbon Filter removes between 95-99% of substances like chlorine, chromium, lead, mercury from tap water 
  •  Our Signature Carbon Filter is specially designed to discourage bacteria growth 
  •  Designed to last for approximately one year (750 gallons) 
  •  While not a coconut husk or shell filter, this filter does contain some coconut shell based carbon   
  • Size: 2" D x 7.5" H
  • Weight: .50 lb
  • Working pressure: None - gravity fed
  • Unrestricted flow: >4 gallon per hour with 2 inches of head pressure (Depends on source water quality)
  • Replacement: Every 12 months
Signature Carbon Filter
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